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Nicholas Brian Kauffman will make his Television debut...

November 20, 2022

While in the hospital I received word that I had finally been cast on IBSN's Wild West Chronicles! As a senator. I unfortunately had to turn the role down, as I wasn't even allowed to walk yet. BUT I spoke to the casting director just this past Wednesday and they are FOR SURE going to cast me in one of the last 5 episodes! Really like this show. The writing is actually pretty nice. Very stoked to make my debut here and glad they could accommodate me during a difficult time period! I must have done a good job during my 3 other auditions... STOKED!


Nicholas Brian Kauffman Books a new indie feature

Shooting Feb/Mar 2023

I am very pleased to see trthat this year is starting out with a bang! Pleased to have been submitting on a different role but called in for Craig, the father role in Juliet Lucas' first feature project, Pen Pals. I am ecstatic to join a project with some nice writing. I love working with positive energy like I've seen from Juliet. It's a pleasure.

Creature of the Creek.PNG

2nd Indie Role of the year!!

Shoots at the end of February!

Is extremely stoked to announce he booked another supporting role in the upcoming short, The Creature of the Creek. He'll be playing Scoutmaster Michael... think Lt.Dangle in looks meets good ole Mr. Roger's personality. You get a hootenanny a time! Really happy my work is being so well received! Happy to be working with so many fresh, new, young voices! Dope!

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